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Welcome to the Federation of Global Ministers (FEDGLOMI).

FEDGLOMI covers 15 areas, that are Ministry, Education, Family Unity, Ministry Unity, Chaplaincy, Missions, Social wellbeing, Business Association, Communications, Technology, Cooperative, Food Supply, Publishing, Record Label and Investment. In addition, FEDGLOMI has more than 75 other services under its umbrella that are offered Globally for all those belonging to our Christian federation. The following are the three main areas which we will explain to you. After explaining the fifteen main areas we will go ahead and explain the ministries under Fedglomi’s umbrella.

 I-FEDGLOMI is Ministry.


This organization was created with the objective of helping ministers around the globe to exercise their ministries with integrity, honesty, respect, and long-term educational training support, to do God’s work.

(A) We ordain ministers of the gospel in the five ministries as instituted by the Lord. (Ephesians 4: 11-12) FEDGLOMI does not deny credentials to an evangelical minister based on denomination, since the gospel is the power of God, not a denomination. When we say that the denomination of the candidate for minister does not matter, we want to say that what matters is that the brother or sister must be willing to teach the Bible as the maximum authority and absolute guide, without removing or adding to the word of God. The bible is the only thing that can change the heart of the human being. We know that there are many human conditions and demands to ordain ministers in traditional institutions; however, FEDGLOMI ordains ministers and trains them more deeply in the word of God as they exercise their calling, redeeming the time because the days are evil.

B) FEDGLOMI was created to facilitate the organization of ministers throughout the world, since it has been so difficult for people to be ordained, even though they have the preparation and fidelity. We believe that every soldier in God’s service who is carrying the gospel of salvation must be supported by an institution that grants spiritual coverage and education to exercise their gifts with greater excellence.

C) To qualify to be an ordained minister, a certain degree of secular or theological education is not needed. What is needed first is integrity toward God and knowledge of the Word of God. After being ordained, the minister will be introduced to a series of two-hour monthly seminars to receive extraordinary tools for their ministry. This comprehensive education prepares the minister in all areas. Our department of education has the best teachers for those theological classes. Graduated with high honors from Liberty University in the United States and other American universities.

D) The minister must have read the entire Bible and completed the new testament at least twice. One of the requirements to teach the word is to have a good relationship with the word and an absolute unity in the Spirit, knowing that the Spirit and the word cannot be separated. The power of the word is always the same. God does not change, and the word does not change either.

E) FEDGLOMI oversees and delivers text books, work materials and much more. It is only required that the ministers be meek, kind, loving and full of compassion for others.

F) At (Fedglomi) we will ordain the ministers and then provide them with Biblical education in the area they need to do the work of the ministry. In addition to the five ministries FEDGLOMI also ordains lay ministers and helps with all educational materials if the minister needs it. The minister is not obliged to use all the materials of FEDGLOMI nor is he obligated to be a copy of us, the minister projects his ministry according to what God has given to him, we help him only in what he needs help for his growth and ministry according to the ministry of Jesus on earth with educational material for each service in the ministry. The goal is to have more men and women of God involved and under authority of God to go and do the good work and win the world for Christ.

G) The minister will need a recommendation letter with three references to be ordained. You will receive materials through an interface system to which the office in that country will have all the necessary access to obtain their materials, and the physical materials may be sent if the ministers do not have access to computers.

H) You and your office will have access to download the material directly from us. We will also send books and materials that cannot be downloaded. After the ordination, the minister will receive an international certification, an identification card and the necessary material according to the level that the minister requires. They will also have our recommendation to interact with other minister colleagues directly here in the United States, six months after they become active members of FEDGLOMI.

I) We will send invitation letters to every FEDGLOMI member who wants to attend our Annual Conference of the Global Federation of Ministers. The minister will have to make arrangements with their consulates, however we will send letters directly to the minister to be presented to the consulate the day of your interview.

 Ministries that we accept and recognize


Apostolic Ministries

Global Evangelistic Ministries

Teacher Ministries

Pastorate Ministries

Women’s Ministries

Global Youth Ministries

Global Children’s Ministries

Global Music Ministries

Global health Ministries

Global Medical Center

Dental Clinics

Global Special Schools

Elderly Care Ministries

Bible Institutes

Science and Development


General Hospital

Children’s Hospital

Special care

Benevolence Ministries

 Ministry of social activities

Theocratic Governments

Global Bar (Lawyers and service)

Human rights defenders for social justice

Orphanage Ministry






(A-C-A) (Advanced Christian Academy)


Advanced Christian Academy is a cluster of Bilingual Christian Pre-K, Primary and Secondary schools.  we are authorized to open in 145 countries of the world. Our education is based on the pace system wherein each student graduates at their own pace without being pressured or slowed down by rigid academic standards. everybody doesn’t learn at the same speed, some learn fast and some learn slower, however all of them learn and that is what matters. After our cautious studies about learning we have come into conclusion that it is a mistake to place all students in the same class room where they can be distracted.  Therefore, we have concluded that the student is most effective in a separate cubicles under the supervision of an instructor. We have even investigated with schools that have been implementing the same system and they have assured that the pace education system is the very best to provide confidence to the student.


The Pace education system uses several methods for the comprehensive success of the student body. And facilitates that a couple of teachers can lead a large group of students. Because the system is so effective it provides the opportunity that there may be hundreds of students from different courses in the same area if necessary. It also provides the opportunity that in case of any bad weather the student can take their virtual classes. Self-paced education is the most sophisticated system for competing in a modern world where students become decision-makers from an early age.


The (A-C-A) school is A Bilingual Schools with strictly Christian education, we are not secular schools or colleges, we are a Christians institution and everything we teach is with the Bible apart from the educational materials that are mandated by the government of a country that requires a subject to be introduced to A-C-A education system.


Our materials are materials that are used worldwide in bilingual schools in different nations of the world, but all materials are Christian oriented.


To open an A-C-A school, or a technical school, it must be approved by the Fedglomi education board of your country of origin and authorized by the Head Quarters of the United States. we will provide the conditions and as soon as you or your entity comply with the conditions, then,


You will be able to start with the preparation to open your school

Remember that Our schools are 100% Christian schools.


FEDGLOMI’s members will be able to open primary schools, where children will receive elementary and primary education from the age of five to twelve years. After preschool and before high school. The ages of the primary schools are from five to eleven years. All education will be with the international materials of the bilingual schools of the USA Unless otherwise stated.




You will be ready to start as soon as the preparation and all the required conditions are met.

Our schools are 100% Christian schools


Definition of secondary school a school intermediate between the primary school and the university, which generally offers general, technical, vocational or university preparation courses.


Vocational Schools: these schools will work to prepare people to help them compete in the marketplace making good wage to better live with their families. These courses will also be imparted online for all students with computers or devices with internet access.


  1. Dental hygienist
  2. Diagnostic medical echography
  3. Registered nurse
  4. Website developer
  5. Respiratory therapist
  6. Cardiovascular technologist
  7. Electrician
  8. Plumber
  9. Commercial Diver
  10. Paralegal or legal assistant
  11. HVAC technician
  12. Surgical Technologist
  13. Heavy equipment operator
  14. Nursing
  15. Medical laboratory technician
  16. Computer programmer
  17. Commercial Pilot (Non-Carrier)
  18. Network system administrator
  19. Multimedia artist or animator
  20. Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technician
  21. Security officer
  22. Aircraft mechanic
  23. Mechanical Engineering Technician
  24. Architectural Editor
  25. Civil engineering technician
  26. Graphic designer
  27. Diesel mechanic
  28. Geology and Oil Technician.
  29. Web developer.
  30. Dental Hygienist.
  31. Installer / repairman of elevators.
  32. Radiation Therapist.
  33. Foreign languages
  34. Recording technology
  35. Actor and actress
  36. Sports education


Our schools are 100% Christian schools


Online and local university


We are united to the best Christian universities in the world I have not disclosed carriers for non-disclosure purposes. After an agreement, we will reveal everything, and we can plan all the materials. The university will be available in 2019 for new operators.


Number Three


Family Unity  


Whether you’re part of a blended, single-parent, foster, adoptive, or traditional two-parent family, your family is important to God. You can ask him for anything in regard to your family as long as it’s in line with his heart, his desires . . . and essentially,His will. Family unity is definitely “according to his will.”

“Families are the basic, foundational social units in all human communities around the world, and healthy individuals within healthy families are at the core of a healthy societyHealthy families are good for all of us, because the state of the family directly impacts the state of our society. Strong families produce children who have the tools to grow up to become healthy, mature, well-adjusted adults.

Its time to do everything together with our family, Events, shopping, vacations, and all we do is much better if we include our family. In the Global Federation of Ministers, we are pushing forward to include every member of the family in our Concerts, workshops, Conventions, retreats. Not just for women as we commonly see but for everyone.

Imagine husbands, wives, children, mother in law, Grandmother, Grandfather, walking together to all Christian events. It is exactly what God wants to see instead of just women events and leaving the rest of the family doing other things. Let’s do it together.


The family unit is:

God’s idea

God’s design

An expression of God’s nature and essence


How God designed the family:

When God formed the earth, flinging stars in the sky, and creating life, he said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” When he says “us”, he’s referring to the active participation of every member of the godhead in creation. Father. Son. Holy Spirit.


 (John 10:302 Corinthians 13:14John 4:34Matthew 26:39)


Within family, we’re meant to experience the same intimacy, oneness, community, and fellowship God experiences in the godhead. That’s his plan for our families. Family members are meant to take care of one another, and sacrifice for “us.” But we’re each imperfect and we live with imperfect people. Rather than fighting with our families, it’s important to fight for our families.


At Fedglomi we are Praying hard and Praying often for the family.


Here are some powerful prayers you can use to pray for strength, unity, forgiving hearts, harmony, and steadfast love within your family. These prayers are powerful because they’re based on the things God has had inspired men write down for our benefit.


Scripture prayers for your home and family:


“Father God . . . I ask you to help each member of our family (name them) to be completely humble and gentle in our interactions with each other; and to be patient, bearing with one another’s faults in love – even when we’re tired, frustrated, angry, or hurt. Help us Father, to make every effort to remain united in the Spirit in this home. Please bind us together in peace.” Ephesians 4:2-3

“Gracious God . . . help us (name your family members) to love each other fervently. Grow our love so deep that it is able and willing to overcome and forgive a multitude of sins.Inspire a spirit of hospitality in (family member names) and enable us to cheerfully share our home with those who need a meal or a place to stay. God I acknowledge that you have given each one in this family spiritual gifts. Help us to put our own needs aside and use those gifts to serve one another well. We will rely on the strength and energy you alone supply. I pray that everything we do within this family unit will bring you glory through the One who lives in us – your Son, Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 4:8-11

“God – you alive in complete harmony with each other, as is fitting for followers of Jesus Christ.” Romans 15:5

“Loyal and trustworthy God, help my spouse (insert name here) and I to honor our marriage and clearly see how valuable and precious it really is. As we honor our marriage to one another, and our covenant with you, help us keep our marriage bed pure.” Hebrews 13:4

Strong, united families are not only good for our children, they’re a refreshing and beautiful reflection of God’s glory in the world. 



Because families are worth fighting for . . .

(Chaplaincy.) Chaplaincy refers to the ordination of Christian leaders to perform religious services for the military, prisons, hospitals, community service centers, missions and more. These chaplains will be ordained and certified to act internationally through FEDGLOMI. The minister ordained through FEDGLOMI will receive a badge as a law enforcement officer. There will also be a department to prepare the junior chaplains. A minor chaplain is a son or daughter of a chaplain associated with our ministry who will receive training and certification to serve as a junior chaplain. a junior chaplain may serve with the permission of parents or guardians in community centers, children’s hospitals, schools; they could also serve as ushers in churches and other ministries or religious services authorized by their parents or guardians.

1-The first and most important is: Ordain, certify and send you your card and immediately evaluate you to see what ministries are called to serve in.

2- After that, we must begin the first educational phase to preparing him for that ministry.

3-Send him or her books and materials for the new ministry and help them with the rules of participation.

4-Educate the minister and start working with him/her.

5-Give them a free phone number in the USA to access weekly teleconferences for seminars and ministerial classes.

6 – Encourage them to believe what God says and help them throughout the process until they can do it by themselves, once they can, we can trust that they begin the process of the Bible Institute, which will be accelerated by the service they will perform.

In each country we need this team to well perform the vision

  • President
  • Vice presidents
  • Director General
  • Directors
  • Sub Directors
  • General secretary
  • Ambassadors
  • Public Relations
  • Education Director
  • Missions
  • Cooperative Director
  • Agriculture Director
  • Farmers director
  • Food Distribution Team
  • 440 Record Label Entertainment Director
  • Activity Director

Other Ministries and Corporations Under the Federation of Global Ministers (FEDGLOMI)

440 LABS- Record Label

Here’s How We Help You

440 Labs Record Label is a Record label, Publisher, Music Libraries and Film. We will tell you what kind of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists we currently need – then we tell you When you see a match for your music, send it to us, and our 4L&L team will pre-screen it for the top level company’s selective affair for them to decide whether they will consider it or send it to other partners.

If your music is on-target and great, we send it to them. Your music becomes solicited because it came from a trusted industry source (that’s us!) This is if we will not sign you up.


Fedglomi University.

FEDGLOMI-U is the university of the federation of global ministers which will begin in 2019 with a range of high level theological courses where it will teach all levels of theological education with many facilities for its members. Fedglomi-U will also offer virtual classes to all its students.


Faith Publishers is a book publishing company that provides the opportunity to many people that are called to write books, magazines, and news. Now associated with faith publishers we can do even more for new authors that were silent, we practically do 98% of the work for you.

We publish in English and Spanish

We Ghostwrite for you, you just pick the tittle and we do the rest

We design your cover

We edit your work and make it a must read

We promote your work in the outlets around the world

We work with you one on one

We provide valuable knowledge you would not have without us

We publish on time every time

We offer payment plan for your book

We provide a variety of packages to fit your budget


You don’t longer have to wait to publish your book, just contact us by sending a message on the support tab and we will take care of you.



John 17:21 that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.


God never intended to see His children divided. When we read the bible, we see the greatest concern of Jesus, when He prayed a special prayer asking the father to help His servants to be one for them to demonstrate that you live in them, so the world can believe. It is sad to see how God’s ministers behave, is like if they were enemies. They just care about their churches as if they own the church, while Christ is completely focused in the body of Christ. At fedglomi we strive for unity and love among ministers, churches, and families. Therefore, we don’t care much about the denominations and their program, we care about the ministers and how to get them united, so they can start caring for one and other while waiting for the second coming of Jesus.

We all must commit to work toward unity, love and family for the embitterment of the world. Let’s unite and push together for the Lord Jesus Christ.




Fedglomi organizes effort to spread Christianity all over the world by sending individuals and groups, from the federation of global minister, across boundaries, with the purpose of preventing suffering, hunger, illiteracy, nakedness, lacks, hindrance and other problems affecting poor family across the glove not forgetting the elderly with no possibilities.


We work hard to help everyone beyond belief, sex orientation or religion. Although we disagree with everything that does not glorify God it doesn’t stop us of helping those in need. We love God and love people as well and believe that everyone deserves to live with dignity as child of God. Therefore, help them while we educate them to become self-sufficiency.


Join us for our annual trips to those poor countries like Haiti, Honduras, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Hundreds more.