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Preparation to planting Churches

Self-study guide for Church Planters. CHURCHES. Mentoring Team. Church Planting Group

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Teaching Sons to Respect Women

Tell your son that real men love, lead, honor, protect, and care for women. One of a man’s main responsibilities is to care for the..

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In our culture

How do you approach prayer? Is it a time of trying to convince God to give you what you want? Do you try to manipulate God…

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Prayers For Protection and Freedom From Porn Addiction

Father, you have said that anyone born of God does not continue to sin and that …

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Scriptures to Pray for Family Unity

Father God . . . Help us make every effort to maintain unity in the Spirit in this home.

Some Bible Verses on Compassion

Words that will help you apply compassion……

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Spiritual Motherhood: A Lifelong Calling

Two of my children have flown the coop. They’re soaring now far from home. A day’s drive away, there are no quick visits for lunch, dinner, or shopping. I miss them desperately.

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Biblical Reasons for vote

Today is election day. The outcome of this election has the potential to take our country much farther away from the fundamental beliefs, principles, and freedoms this nation was founded on.

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Scriptural Blessings/Words of Affirmation

For Your Children

Scriptures to Pray Over Your Family

The family is the original design of God. Our job is to build families on the Rock that is Christ.

Two choices: Holiness or Hell

Although there are about 500 sins that lead to hell, but I will give you a short list just for you to have an idea.

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Casa de Poder

How to hold fruitful meetings in the houses of power?

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Bible Thoughts by Concept Areas

Living daily life according to the will of God.

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