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The Struggle of Dodiez




Jack was born into a family that was rich. Jack’s Parents Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Doris were great people. They tried their best to teach Jack what was right. They even asked me to help advice my friend. But despite everything we did, Jack refused to learn. Jack became a bully, who hit the gym, smoked and drank. Jack refused to take his books seriously and as a result failed at high school. He refused to attend college even after all the pleading and begging from his parents. He was just a stubborn boy. He chose to spend his time with Mike another of our close friend who also was like him and both stopped being my friends.

When his parents died, Jack got all the wealth of his father. Because Jack was surrounded by bad friends and does not take advice from anyone, he wasted his father’s money on drinking, partying and drugs. Soon the money finished, and he needed something to do to be able to eat. The last time I saw him, he was working at a grocery store with Mike. I remember what he said to me when we talked about the past, ‘You think we don’t regret it? ‘Just look at us. Look at me. I used to have everything but now I have nothing, all because I did not follow the wise words of my parents’. I remember I told them it was not still late, they could go back to school and become something better and they promised to do so.