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Does FEDGLOMI ordain ministers?

We ordain ministers of the gospel in the five ministries as instituted by the Lord. (Ephesians 4: 11-12) FEDGLOMI does not deny credentials to an evangelical minister based on denomination, since the gospel is the power of God, not a denomination.

What are the advantages of being ordered by FEDGLOMI?

At (Fedglomi) we will ordain the ministers and then provide them with Biblical education in the area they need to do the work of the ministry. In addition to the five ministries FEDGLOMI also ordains lay ministers and helps with all educational materials if the minister needs it.

What was FEDGLOMI created for?

FEDGLOMI was created to facilitate the organization of ministers all around the world, since it has been so difficult for people to be ordained, even though they have the preparation and fidelity.


How do I receive the tools given by FEDGLOMI?

You will receive materials through an interface system to which the office in that country will have all the necessary access to obtain their materials, and the physical materials may be sent if the ministers do not have access to computers.


What do I need to be ordained as a minister by FEDGLOMI?

To qualify to be an ordained minister, a certain degree of secular or theological education is not needed. What is needed first is integrity toward God and knowledge of the Word of God.


Which ministries does FEDGLOMI recognize?

Apostolic Ministries, Global Evangelistic Ministries, Teacher Ministries, Pastorate Ministries, Women’s Ministries, Global Youth Ministries, Global Children’s Ministries, Global Music Ministries, Global health Ministries, Global Medical Center, Dental Clinics, Global Special Schools, Elderly Care Ministries, Bible Institutes, Science and Development, Chaplaincy, General Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Special care, Benevolence Ministries, Ministry of social activities, Theocratic Governments, Global Bar (Lawyers and service), Human rights defenders for social justice, Orphanage Ministry.


What is (A-C-A) (Advanced Christian Academy)?

Advanced Christian Academy is a cluster of Bilingual Christian Pre-K, Primary and Secondary schools.  we are authorized to open in 145 countries of the world. Our education is based on the pace system wherein each student graduates at their own pace without being pressured or slowed down by rigid academic standards. everybody doesn’t learn at the same speed, some learn fast and some learn slower, however all of them learn and that is what matters. After our cautious studies about learning we have come into conclusion that it is a mistake to place all students in the same class room where they can be distracted.  Therefore, we have concluded that the student is most effective in a separate cubicles under the supervision of an instructor. We have even investigated with schools that have been implementing the same system and they have assured that the pace education system is the very best to provide confidence to the student.


What Fedglomi need in each country?

  • President
  • Vice presidents
  • Director General
  • Directors
  • Sub Directors
  • General secretary
  • Ambassadors
  • Public Relations
  • Education Director
  • Missions
  • Cooperative Director
  • Agriculture Director
  • Farmers director
  • Food Distribution Team
  • 440 Record Label Entertainment Director
  • Activity Director


What is 440 Labs Record Label?

440 Labs Record Label is a Record label, Publisher, Music Libraries and Film. We will tell you what kind of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists we currently need – then we tell you When you see a match for your music, send it to us, and our 4L&L team will pre-screen it for the top level company’s selective affair for them to decide whether they will consider it or send it to other partners.

If your music is on-target and great, we send it to them. Your music becomes solicited because it came from a trusted industry source (that’s us!) This is if we will not sign you up.


What is Fedglomi-U?

FEDGLOMI-U is the university of the federation of global ministers which will begin in 2019 with a range of high level theological courses where it will teach all levels of theological education with many facilities for its members. Fedglomi-U will also offer virtual classes to all its students.


What are the missions?

Fedglomi organizes effort to spread Christianity all over the world by sending individuals and groups, from the federation of global minister, across boundaries, with the purpose of preventing suffering, hunger, illiteracy, nakedness, lacks, hindrance and other problems affecting poor family across the glove not forgetting the elderly with no possibilities.