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The first step to access God’s secret place is to make a declaration of your belief in God’s healing. Then receive the protection and provision that Jesus your High Priest and Shepherd, offers.


1. We speak what we profess—what we believe.

  • When you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is LORD!” you activate the High Priest, the Savior. Right then, you receive Him as LORD—you are born again—you are saved!
  • Jesus is anointed High Priest over His words, so when you call on Him using His words, He’s right there with you and takes responsibility for you (Hebrews 3:1).

2. The first step to access God’s secret place is to make a declaration of your belief.

  • That declaration is the one that got you born again—“You are my God!” (Psalm 91:1-2).

3. Psalm 91 explains how Jesus is the High Priest who protects and provides for you.

  • Beginning in verse 3, the High Priest says you will be delivered from a hunter’s trap and from sicknesses and diseases. You will be covered and protected from every enemy. The truth of God will be a shield and armor to you (verses 3-4).
  • All God’s promises work by faith—faith that you receive by hearing His WORD continuously.
  • Jesus feeds you His promises, and as you hear His WORD, your faith gets stronger (Romans 10:17).
  • Jesus is telling you what He will do for you, and what you can expect from Him. You won’t have to be afraid of terror, weapons, epidemics or destruction. Others will fall, but not you (Psalm 91:5-8).
  • Jesus sent His angels to protect you. The angels obey the commands of Jesus, because He is the Commander in Chief—He is The LORD of the hosts.
  • Let His WORD come out of your mouth, so the angels will obey you (verses 9-12).
  • Activate the protection in this psalm every day and every time you leave home. Command every evil to stay away from you. Instruct the ministering angels to take care of you. God is with you, yet you must activate His WORD to you.
  • The words that God spoke, that you believe and receive, will protect you! The military personnel who memorized Psalm 91, who spoke and received it personally, were not harmed in battles.
  • Your emergency protection phone number is 911
  • Psalm 91:1.
  • These promises in Psalm 91 are part of your weaponry. Your weapons are powerful and mighty to pull down strongholds of the enemy (Ephesians 6:10-12).

4. Jesus is also our Shepherd who gives us promises in Psalm 23. 

  • Jesus is the Shepherd. He takes care of us in whatever we need; whether its water, food or protection (verses 1-4).
  • You don’t have to fear in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, because your Shepherd is with you, and He’s the most powerful One in the valley!

Additional scriptures: Psalm 91; Hebrews 13:5


Jesus is your Healer and your Protector. Make a list of the things you need healing and protection from today, and write which verses in Psalm 91 apply to your situation.