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It is God’s will for every person to live at least 120 years and to live free from sin, sickness, disease and poverty. Psalm 91 teaches us how to find and apply God’s will.


1. It is God’s will for every person to be born again and live at least 120 years.

  • The Bible states how long man’s body is designed to live, and now science has confirmed it (Genesis 6:3).
  • When this was written, no one had been born again yet. After Jesus paid the price for us, all limits were removed.
  • God’s will is that every person be born again through the blood sacrifice of Jesus.
  • Spiritual death is separation from God.
  • When Adam disobeyed God, he took on the curse and died spiritually, because he was separated from God.
  • Everyone has a spiritual connection: either to God and life or to satan and death.

2. The curse and God’s redemption plan are each in three parts.

  • The threefold cord of the curse is spiritual death, sickness and poverty. It came on Adam and all his descendants when he was separated from God.
  • God’s answer to the curse of death was to send Jesus to be the Savior.
  • Every sin has been paid for by the blood of Jesus.
  • His answer to sickness was for Jesus to be our Healer.
  • God’s answer to poverty was to make Jesus our High Priest.

3. It is God’s will that every person live free from sin, sickness, disease and poverty (Isaiah 53:4-5).

  • Healing is not a future promise—it’s a fact (1 Peter 2:24).
  • There are basically three views about healing.
  1. God doesn’t heal anymore.
  • We know this is not true, because we have been healed.
  1. God does heal, but only as a special act of mercy or special faith. Sometimes He does heal, and sometimes He doesn’t. You cannot know what God’s going to do.

We know this is not true, because it’s clear in God’s WORD that He wants to heal everyone.

  1. God wants to heal everyone, and He will heal those who ask in faith, believing. Jesus bore the punishment in His body for our total healing.
  • When Jesus was condemned and crucified, He took on Himself man’s sin, sickness, disease, poverty and the curse that was on mankind. His death simultaneously forgave our sin and provided healing for our sicknesses.
  • He bore everything that kept us from the presence of God, and then He went to hell and paid the price.
  • Jesus did what was necessary for all men to be born again AND to be healed.

4. Psalm 91 teaches us how to find and apply God’s will.

  • Start with a declaration. That’s the way you enter into the secret place of the Most High. You must believe in your heart and speak with your mouth (Roman 10:9-10).
  • Declaration: I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, He is my God, and I trust in Him (Psalm 91:1-2).
  • That’s all you say. Your words are finished.
  • Your declaration, or your confession, is received by Jesus, who is the High Priest of your confession (Hebrews 3:1).
  • He is the Apostle (sent One) and Christ (Anointed One) appointed by God.
  • Jesus takes what you say and presents it to the Father.

Additional scripture: John 3:16; Malachi 3:10

MAKE IT PERSONAL. Make this confession every day:

It is the will of God for me to be well; for me to be strong and pain free; for me to prosper, spirit, soul, body, financially and socially. He wants me well, and I take it!