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Developing Faith in God’s Love – Part 2


God, who is Love, is good, and He cannot work evil. He gives us commandments in order to bless us. God reveals His love for you through the covenant promises in His WORD. Our decision to love Him and to love others is a choice of our will, not our feelings, and must be practiced.


1. God, who is Love, is good.

God is good, because He is Love.

God is extraordinarily patient and disposed to show favors (Psalm 145:8, AMPC; 2 Peter 3:9).

You don’t really know God, if you’re not loving His family (1 John 4:8).

God’s love is inside you by the Holy Spirit, and that means you have the ability to love like God (Romans 5:5).

  • We have to make the decision to love like God and to practice loving others.

2. Love is a decision of the will and must be practiced.

In the English language, love is used to mean all kinds of love, including feelings.

  • The working definition of the Greek word for unconditional love, agape, refers to the love of God.

God loves you because He decided to. It was a decision. It is covenant love. God gave us His WORD. If love is only on the feeling level, it has no covenant to back it up.

If we have known God, then we love the brethren (1 John 4:21).

  • This love does not refer to mental agreement or feelings of love, but a decision.

Put God first place in your life, and love Him more than anyone or anything else.

  •  Since we are born of God, we love. His love is in our hearts. He has given us the ability to obey the command to love God and love other believers.

As we practice loving others on purpose, it becomes easier to do as a way of life.

3. God gives you commandments so He can bless you.

God’s intention is to bless you (Deuteronomy 28:1-2).

The Ten Commandments and all the other commandments that go with them, plus the commandment of Jesus to love one another even as Jesus loved you are for your good (Romans 13:9-10; John 13:34).

The whole idea of the Ten Commandments is to get you separated from evil and temptation.

  • Don’t have any other god but the one true God. No one else will love and bless you like He does.
  • Don’t steal. God will give you all you want and need.
  • Don’t covet. God will give you all the good things that are prepared for you, including your spouse.
  • If you fail to keep a commandment, God gives you a way to receive forgiveness for not keeping that commandment. He sent Jesus to bear your punishment.
  • God remembers your iniquities no more (Isaiah 43:25).
  • Grace is God’s love to treat you as if sin had not happened.

If you keep God’s commandment, you will receive THE BLESSING.

4. God cannot work evil. He reveals His love for you through the covenant promises of His WORD.

God is not a part of any man’s suffering, torment, fear or debt.

The curse is still in the earth, but we can overpower it through the blood of Jesus.

God reveals His love for you through the covenant promises in His WORD.

  • If you submit to the curse, you will be cursed.
  • If you submit to THE BLESSING of God, you will be blessed.

 Enjoy the goodness of God’s love and learn how to actively receive from Him.

Additional scriptures: Psalm 118; 1 John 1:1; Exodus 20:1-17; Mark 12:30; Deuteronomy 28:15, 3; Matthew 6:33; Malachi 3:8-9


Make this declaration:

I am born of God; therefore His love is within me. I choose to love God, and I choose to love His family. Because I obey Jesus’ command to love others, I receive His blessings.