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Developing Faith in God’s Love – Part 1


God has a love-covenant with you that He takes very seriously! He wants to meet your needs and give you the desires of your heart, but you must learn to trust His love. It was Love (God) who created the heavens and the Earth, and it was Love (God) who made a way for you to be forgiven from sin. Everything God says and does is from a place of love because He is Love.


1. Because God loves you, He wants to meet your needs and give you the desires of your heart.

God will meet your needs and your wants. If you seek The LORD, you will not lack any good thing (Psalm 34:7-10).

Jesus is the great Shepherd, and when we depend on Him, we will not want (Psalm 23:1).

Paul wrote Timothy to tell those who are rich not to be high-minded but be ready to distribute because God gives us richly things to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17).

God will do good things for anyone who will believe (Psalm 118).

2. You must learn to trust God, and the power of His love.

The children of Israel didn’t believe that God loved them (Numbers 14:1-3).

We must take steps to believe God loves us:

  1. Trust God.
  2. Trust God’s WORD.
  3. Trust God’s Name and the integrity of His character.
  4. Trust Jesus’ blood that ratified God’s covenant.
  5. Trust God’s love and mercy.

3. God made a way for you to be forgiven from sin, so He could bless you.

God forgave your sin for His sake and yours (Isaiah 43:25).

  1. He didn’t want to remember the sins of His children.
  2. If God remembered your sin, He couldn’t bless you.
  3. It takes faith to please God, and faith works by love (Galatians 5:6).
  4. We forgive by faith, so it is given through the gift of grace. Unconditional, undeserved love (that is grace) assures you that you don’t get the punishment you deserve.
  5. God is able to treat us as if sin had never happened.

4. It was Love (God) who created the heavens and the Earth, and Love (God) sent Jesus to redeem mankind once Adam sinned.

In the beginning was The WORD, and The WORD was Jesus (John 1:1-3).

In the beginning Love created the heavens and the Earth with His words, “Let there be….” Love spoke and displayed Himself in the act of Creation (Genesis 1:1).

Adam and Eve had a perfect world, but they didn’t trust God’s love. They disobeyed the one command God gave them.

God didn’t create cancer or any other device of the devil. Sickness, disease and sin came through the curse on the Earth.

The moment man failed, Love immediately set in motion the plan of redemption.

God gave everything to get man back, and get THE BLESSING back to man.

5. Everything God says and does is from a place of love, because God is Love. He has a love-covenant relationship with His people that He takes very seriously.

Depend on and believe the love of God.

We obey God, and that obedience puts us in a position to receive THE BLESSING that His love provides.

Just like a parent loves his children and wouldn’t do them harm, God loves us, and He will not do us any harm.

  • There is a difference between mental assent and belief. Faith is not of the mind, it is of the spirit. You can’t do anything to cause God to stop loving you. Everything God does and says is love.  God loves every person; yet if necessary, He will protect His covenant people, who cry out to Him, from harm.
  • A love-covenant relationship is serious.

Additional scriptures: Hebrews 11:6; Romans 4:16; Matthew 22:37-39; 1 John 4:21


Prayer to be born again for you or a friend:

O God in heaven, I believe with all my heart Jesus has been raised from the dead just for me. Take my life and do something with it. I repent of sin. I renounce the devil and everything he stands for. Fill me with Your precious Holy Spirit. I receive Him by faith. I receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking with other tongues. I expect it right now. It belongs to me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.